MCH Heater vs. PTC Heater

How to differentiate MCH heater and PTC heater

MCH heater is short for the metal-ceramic heater. MCH is a new type of heater which is highly efficient and energy-saving. Compared to the PTC heater it is 20% to 30% more power-efficient, which is due to its excellent insulation performance. Further, unlike PTC heaters, you do not have flat iron “hot zones” when using an MCH heater.

For companies on the cutting edge of technology, not only can the MCH heater be found in flat irons and curling irons you will also find them in soldering irons and stations, water heaters, and 3D printers.

Those who do keratin treatments will appreciate the MCH heater with its rapid heating system, as it can reach 470 degrees in seconds. The stylists who have made the switch to a flat iron with an MCH heater have cut their keratin service time in half.

The PTC heater replaced traditional heating wire with stones or clips and have heating elements that have self-regulating properties. The wattage increases in colder temperatures then decrease as the temperature increases. The real problem this causes is “hot zones”. With “hot zones”, while applying a keratin treatment, a stylist has to double the passes of the flat iron with each section of hair.

Examples of MCH Heaters


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